2020 President Burns Hargis announces retirement

After almost 13 years of service, OSU President Burns Hargis announced his plans to retire in July 2021. 

The second OSU graduate to serve in the position, Hargis became the 18th president of OSU in March 2008. During his time at OSU, Hargis set fundraising records, increased enrollment and distinguished OSU as a national force in academic and research advances.

Some of his most well-known successes include his efforts to revolutionize campus academic and athletic facilities. These improvements include The McKnight Center for the Performing Arts, the ENDEAVOR Engineering Lab and the OSU Museum of Art. Other improvements are under way in the Ferguson College of Agriculture and the Michael and Anne Greenwood School of Music. 

His love for OSU students and desire for their success is seen in his tireless efforts to improve campus and increase scholarship and financial aid opportunities. His mark in OSU history will not be forgotten.