1895 First female faculty member

The fourth academic year at Oklahoma A&M College, began in September with 144 students and eight faculty members, including Ella E. Hunter, the first woman to serve on the faculty.

She served as the assistant principal in the college preparatory department and had already secured a patent on a clothes-washing boiler that included a built-in device used to safely take the hot clothes out.

Her supervisor described her as a good disciplinarian who was still well liked by the students, adept in arts, including painting, and active in college affairs, especially music. She was given the additional duties of instructing female students in physical culture (exercise) three mornings a week.

Hunter served on the faculty for only two years, and exactly why she was dismissed is unclear but it was suspected that, like many good instructors of the time, it was a matter of the territorial politics of the board that oversaw the college. Following the election of a new governor, a new board would be appointed and generally remove the current faculty and assign their jobs to others.