1892 First faculty meeting and extension efforts

The first faculty meeting was held on March 17, 1892 and its major accomplishment was the formulation of 22 “Rules Relating to Students,” the first of which dealt with guns on campus: "Every student when he enters the college shall deliver to the president all arms and deadly weapons of any description which may be in his possession."

Since gun carrying was not common, except among lawmen, it's suspected the rule was a matter of guarding against ruffians who might show up on campus in a territory that had its share of outlaws.

The college had four major departments: agriculture, horticulture, chemistry, and physics and about as many faculty, including Twenty-four-year-old agriculturalist A.C. Magruder (pictured).

Magruder printed the first bulletin from the agricultural experiment station, promising farmers he would assist them as possible and met with them in homes, barns, etc. to provide the latest science-based recommendations, much like today's extension specialists.

He is also known for establishing the now-famous “Magruder Plots,” which contain the oldest continuous wheat plantings west of the Mississippi River, listed in the National Register of Historic Places.