1894 The College Building (Old Central) dedicated

The first permanent structure on campus, the College Building or (Old) Central Building, called "Stillwater's Pride," was dedicated in June of 1894 in time for fall classes.

The site was chosen because Stillwater residents wanted the school to be located as close to the city limits as possible. By September, the building housed the first permanent chemistry laboratory and the first library, which contained 1,600 volumes.

The bell in Old Central signaled class changes until 1908 when a bugle was used. Eventually, an electrical bell system was installed in all the buildings on campus.

Stillwater citizens and the city government made major efforts to market $10,000 in bonds for the construction of the College Building, which began in 1893. The bonds were not only the first issued by Stillwater, but also the first by any municipality in Oklahoma successfully paid at maturity without refinancing.