1895 First college newspaper "Mirror" published

The first student publication actually set in type, The Oklahoma A&M College Mirror, was a monthly literary magazine filled with essays, articles, poems, short personal items and articles promoting the college’s progress.  It was first published on May 15, 1895.

Norris T. Gilbert (pictured in cadet uniform) and Samuel R. Querry were the first student editors of the Mirror, supplying content that reflected the courteous but vigorous competition it had with other college publications in the region, especially those in Norman and Edmond.

Freeman E. Miller (with mustache) served as faculty supervisor for the Mirror. He was also the college’s first public information officer and head of the College Press Bureau. Miller got his start as a journalist and also had experience as a lawyer before he served on the faculty. He enjoyed writing long poems for special occasions and received good reviews from the press.