1910 The college yearbook is born

Students lobbied hard to be able to publish an annual wrap up of college happenings by writing favorable editorials in the Orange and Black (student newspaper) that promoted the idea and its benefits.

The first yearbook staff debated a title, discarding "The Retrospect" in favor of a term that would more closely capture the state's indian heritage. That's how Red Skin, later spelled Redskin was chosen for the publication, as a tribute to the Native Americans. was given due credit in the publication they created, which was published in May of 1910.

While the term is often viewed as derogatory today, the students clearly intended it as an honor and published their special memories of college in it, as well as their coveted shenanigans, for more than 80 years, through 1991.

From start to finish, the first yearbook was professionally printed and full of photographs. It also featured color artwork by a student, some of which is included among this event's photos.