1913 Class fight and other traditions

Starting in 1913, freshmen began placing their class colors in a tree outside Old Central so they could dare anyone to remove them. The result was the annual "class fight" which took place at the old cottonwood tree every year until 1919, with the exception of 1918.

Another early tradition was the tug of war, across a campus pond (pictured), which pitted two adversarial class teams against each other. Faculty referees assisted and the contest was considered a failure unless someone got wet.

The May Carnival, highlighted with a parade, a carnival and dances, also helped raise money for student organizations. Dancers interlaced long lavender and white streamers to repeated applause during the "plaiting of the May Pole."

The first Harvest Carnival, the forerunner of the annual homecoming weekend, was held in 1913. Proceeds from the carnival supported the publication of the college annual.