1914 Women's Building fire follows Morrill Hall blaze

The first women's dorm on campus, the Women's Building (now known as the Bartlett Center), caught fire during preparations for the annual Harvest Carnival on October 16, 1914.

Students, many dressed in carnival attire, rushed to save possessions, while volunteer firefighters put out the blaze before the building was seriously damaged.

The structure also housed the Department of Domestic Science and Domestic Arts at the time.

Another building on campus Morrill Hall was almost destroyed by a fire a few months earlier (see aftermath photo in this series). Architects were able to salvage its distinctive frontal features through reconstruction efforts, so we can still appreciate them today.

Extension headquarters had moved from Oklahoma City to Oklahoma A & M College and all existing records reached Stillwater just in time to be destroyed by the Morrill Hall fire on August 6, 1914. A campus fire protection system was put into place before the end of the year.