1966 Robert Kamm is OSU's new president

Dr. Robert B. Kamm, OSU’s former dean of Arts and Sciences, was chosen to serve as the institution’s 13th president, starting July 1, 1966.

Kamm launched a program called “Emphasis People,” which highlighted the importance of people. As a result, his administration was characterized by the growth of participative management and team approaches.

Kamm guided the campus through a period that included some of the greatest building construction on campus as well as the student unrest of the 60s. 

He established an Office of Affirmative Action, emphasized service to students, and encouraged the development of doctoral programs.

Kamm helped arrange for new residence hall construction and the campus residence halls program was voted the nation’s best in 1972 and 1977.

Kamm supported and worked with colleagues to launch the university’s Educational Television Services, which paved the way for worldwide instruction.

He continued to serve the university following his resignation in 1977 by teaching higher education administration courses and directing a massive OSU Centennial Histories Project.