1967 Foundation marks first $1 million in giving

Although it had grown slowly but steadily in the level of private support provided to the university, the foundation found its efforts rewarded in 1967-68. That year the annual fund-giving effort, including investment income, brought in $445,000 from 3,575 donors. That helped the foundation mark its first milestone, the million mark in gifts received after its first seven years of existence.

More importantly, from the fall of 1962 through the spring of 1968, 4,738 OSU students had benefited from a variety of scholarship and student aid programs sponsored by the foundation.

A dozen OSU Alumni Scholarship winners and two varsity debaters (pictured) were guests at the first OSU Development Foundation’s Board of Governors luncheon in 1962. They represented what would become a growing number of students who would benefit from foundation efforts in the future.