1975 Oklahoma Gardening goes on the air

Oklahoma Gardening, a weekly half-hour show featuring growing tips and ideas from OSU, started in 1975 and quickly gained a loyal following statewide, on educational channel OETA.

At first, all the plants featured on the program were grown on campus and taken to Oklahoma City where the show was originally shot. However, in 1986, Oklahoma Gardening got its own parcel of land west of the Stillwater campus, so the show could be shot on location. That area has since become a showcase of gardens called The Botanic Garden at OSU, which is often open to the public. 

Fans of the show can thank the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at OSU for making it possible. DASNR includes the OSU College of Agriculture, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, and the Oklahoma Agricultlural Experiment Station, which partnered with the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority to get the show on the air.