1987 Wellness program starts

A campus wellness program was officially launched in 1987, and the late OSU physician Roxie Weber was credited for the concept, which she suggested in 1950, while serving as director of student health services. Today, America’s Healthiest Campus is a national leader in wellness.

The pint-sized Weber, who came to Oklahoma A&M College in 1942 with a medical degree from Johns Hopkins University, was first to advocate preventive care and a campus wellness program that covered both physical and mental health.

After retiring in 1960 as director of student health services, Weber crusaded for additional housing for the elderly in Stillwater, and a housing complex for seniors was named in her honor. 

Weber died in November 1970 at the age of 76, but her vision burns brighter than ever as OSU’s Department of Wellness team combines programs and services with top-ranked facilities to advance healthy habits and lifelong wellness skills for students, faculty and staff.