1993 Big Country becomes a legend

Did he call it? A capacity crowd thought all was lost as the Missouri Tigers went ahead with two seconds left on the clock Feb. 24, 1993.

Though he was being double-teamed, "Big Country," Bryant Reeves, banked a shot off the backboard straight into the net to force overtime for a Cowboy win.

With that basket, Reeves' first three-pointer, Big Country was instantly conferred legendary status.

Reeves got the nickname from a fellow player while flying to a game. It seemed an appropriate description for his large, seven foot frame, which helped him become a dominant force on the court. He averaged 21.5 points per game his senior year when he helped his team make it to the1995 NCAA Final Four.

Reeves played six seasons with the NBA's Vancouver Grizzlies before being sidelined by injuries. In 2014, Shaquille O'Neal reportedly told a TV audience he found Big Country the toughest player to guard.

Reeves and his family run a cattle operation near his hometown of Gans.

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