2010 OSU Res Life celebrates 100 years

OSU Residential Life celebrated its 100th anniversary since the opening of the first residence halls on campus in 1910, which included the Women's Building (now known as the Bartlett Center for the Visual Arts) and the first men's residence hall, Crutchfield Hall, which later housed the music department before it was demolished in 1995.

Today's housing options of community style, suites and apartments are a far cry from the early days. As the 1910-11 college catalog noted, "Rooms and board for students rooming in the Woman's Building, or in the Boy's Dormitory are provided at the following rates: Furnished room (including heat, light, water, etc., two students occupying each room), $3.00 per month each, payable in advance; board, $3.25 to $3.75 per week, payable monthly in advance."