1892 Students organize literary societies

The development of extracurricular opportunities for students began with the Star Crescent Literary Society in 1892, which mainly included members of the sub-freshman (college preparatory) class. Faculty put the society members in charge of commencement exercises, which were held each year for the next four years although the college was still waiting for its first actual class of graduates.

Though the Star-Crescents soon folded at Oklahoma A&M College, other societies, such as the Sigma Literary Society and the Webster Debating Society, were established and prospered, offering programs that included public speaking, readings, essays, music, mock trials, competitions, and guest lectures from faculty. Because of their competitive nature, joint meetings were described as intense.

Students Clarence R. Donart (left), a Sigma member, and Arthur B. McReynolds, with the Websters, discuss a future competition.