1915 Student association founded

While formal records aren’t available, the first “vigorous discussions” on the subject of student government reportedly took place during Commerce Club (business students) meetings in the fall of 1914. A draft student constitution was soon developed and submitted to Dr. L. L. Lewis, acting college president, in March of 1915.

The student body voted unanimously for its adoption on April 6, 1915, and elected Joe Robinson to serve as first president and Fern Lowry as first vice president. Lowry was also the first woman in the state to engage in an intercollegiate debate. She is shown with her debate partners, W.J. Green and L.W. Hilgenberg (right).

In 1924, the student constitution was revised to give power to the student senate to grant and revoke charters of campus organizations and the first to publish the finances of the Student Association, now known as the Student Government Association.